I wish we met

When we were two

At pre-school age

Both me and you


That we could play

When we would meet

No adult games

No chance to cheat


That we would be

Okay with this

And might exchange

A little kiss


Or just hold hands

And smile a bit

But heaven no

May God forbid


We’re grownups now

And this is wrong

Whatever’s there

Does not belong


I wish we met

When we were two

Not three or four

Just me and you

Something new



There has come a feeling between me and you

Once a whisper is now a roar

It started off as nothing more

Than meeting someone new


Rarely comes the music that writes itself

Silence gone in water’s fall

Thoughts swimming in an ocean tide

That ebbs and swells


Time to reveal the wings that brought you here

Are you thinking of me

In your life to be, your partner

Can I say the things that make you sigh

Make you say “impossible”


As I look around

It seems so perfect here


Didn’t you know it would come to this

And I’d be waiting


But a circle began

And it was then

You decided where it is

You will have been


All I am is you

And I wish I’d been here before

Your color glows

Like the lights of home

Elke dag

Denken aan jou doe ik niet

Op één dag in het jaar

Geprikt op een kalender

Als een verplicht gebaar


Ik hou altijd van jou

In vreugde of verdriet

In ruzie of in vrede

Iets anders kan ik niet


Ik draag jou altijd bij me

En koester elk moment

Dat ik nu met je heb

Of eerder heb gekend


Ik hou altijd van jou

En zeg het nog een keer

Net als gisteren

En morgenvroeg weer


Elke dag en niet

Alleen op Valentijn

Want elke dag zou best wel eens

De laatste kunnen zijn


I’m way past bent, all fawked up

A matter of tick tock before I biff


My day was a backward K

Thank you, Captain Obvious

For dropping that on me

Vital 411, dude


Now tanked, and fitshaced

I aught to be audi, I know

But can I stick around

And sink my Titanic

Watching her birrrds?


Wow, nice ride

Want crackers with that?

What the dealy here?




Why are you taking me home?


I need more zeltoids


... zonk

The non-arcane science of living


I rid my secrets

And feel my pain


A rude awakening

From fog to rain


A stabbing hurt

I start to peel


The drops disclose

Things I conceal


The sticky sentence

Washed away


By cool water

Tiding dismay


Flooding the abyss

Of stolen Childhood


To carry my ark

To livelihood


Stilling the cries

Quelling the guilt


Cleansing the soil

None of it spilt


I rid my secrets

Let it rain


‘Till skies turn clear


And life




gedachten, die meer dan vluchtig wilden zijn ….